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Don’t let unpaid debt impact your cash flow. At Macquarie Collections, we’ve helped thousands of people with fast, simple debt recovery in NSW and we can help you too.

Whether you need personal debt collection, commercial debt collection or debt collection for your small business, our trained and experienced professionals can ensure a swift debt recovery process. 

As a full-service debt collection agency, Sydney locals can trust us to handle any debt collection case, no matter how complex. With in-house solicitors to take care of litigation and tailored cash flow management services available we won’t just recover your debts, we’ll empower you to improve your cash flow situation going forward. 

With over 30 years in the debt recovery business and more than 150 years of combined team experience, we’re the team you want on your side in all NSW debt recovery scenarios. 

Getting started is quick, free and easy with simple online applications and obligation-free initial consultations. 

Why Work With us

FREE Advice

Our Sydney debt recovery solicitors go beyond simply retrieving your unpaid debts. We’ll provide tailored, practical advice free of charge to help you improve your cash flow and avoid future debt recovery issues.

No Recovery, No Commission

We’re so confident we’ll recover your unpaid debts that we offer a no recovery, no commission policy. We’ve recovered millions in debt for our Sydney clients and we can help you get what you’re owed.

Easy Online Applications

Getting started with Macquarie Collections is quick and easy with free memberships and online processes. You can keep track of your debt recovery case using our online portal and contact your dedicated case manager.

Our Service Area

Our Sydney debt collection agency services the entirety of Sydney, New South Wales and the whole of Australia. With simple online debt recovery applications, you can access our services from the comfort of your own home.

We collect any size debt throughout Australia and New Zealand.

How our Sydney debt collectors can help

As a full-service debt collection agency, Sydney businesses and individuals trust us to recover even the most challenging unpaid debts. We can recover debts of any size anywhere in Sydney, NSW, Australia or New Zealand. We’ve worked with individuals and businesses across a wide range of industries and sectors and can ensure you get a fair result.

Our compassionate and experienced personal debt collection professionals can retrieve any size of unpaid personal debt.

We offer large-scale commercial debt collection throughout Sydney and beyond. Ensure your cash flow remains strong with expert commercial debt collection.

Unpaid debts can have a huge impact on small businesses. Let our professional team recover your unpaid accounts and reinvigorate your cash flow.

Our experienced solicitors offer litigation, credit reviews, preference claim defences, trustee documentation and more. We specialise in fighting contested claims and will help you get a fair result.

We provide a cash flow management service for when your business needs a cash flow boost. We don’t charge commission on our cash flow management matters, just a small one-off fee per matter.

Our debt collection process

Step One: Our Sydney debt collectors will issue a demand of payment to your debtor or debtors via your chosen method – this can be by phone, letter, email or in person.

Step Two: If we’re able to make contact with your debtor, we’ll negotiate the payment of your debt. This can be as a lump sum or as a payment plan.

Step Three: If no contact is made, we may begin litigation. Our experienced solicitors can enforce judgements, fight defended debt claims and more to ensure you receive the payment of your debts.

Most debt recovery cases can be resolved in a matter of weeks. Stop putting off your debt collection and contact us today.

Choose Macquarie Collections for expert debt recovery in NSW

We know the debt recovery process can seem daunting and many people choose to ignore their unpaid debts rather than fighting for payment. At Macquarie Collections, we’ll show you that recovering your debts isn’t just possible, but simple, with the help of our experienced debt collectors.

As a full-service debt collection agency, our Sydney debt collection specialists can handle everything from straightforward debt recovery to complex contested court cases. Don’t let unpaid debt impact your life or your business any longer. Your unpaid accounts could be in your account in a matter of weeks with the help of our Sydney debt recovery solicitors.

No debt is too small or too large, we service clients across a diverse range of professions and sectors and we’ll gladly help you too.

Our Sydney debt recovery solicitors will get you the result you deserve

Countless businesses and individuals in NSW and Sydney have trusted Macquarie Collections to recover their debts for over 30 years. We’re proud of our reputation for exceptional service at a fair price, and we deliver fast, stress-free debt collection results to our Sydney clients time and time again. With our highly-trained and experienced staff and smooth online processes, it’s no surprise we’re the debt collection agency Sydney locals turn to for effective debt recovery.

Let us help you improve your cash flow with expert debt recovery services. Signing up with Macquarie Collections only takes a few moments and can be done entirely online.

Get started today and arrange your obligation-free consultation.

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