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Benefits Of Hiring a Debt Collector in Australia

Macquarie Collections Ensures That Our Clients Gain The Most Out Of Their Investment When HIRING A Debt Collector In Australia

Navigating through the debt collection process on your own can be daunting! We have an experienced team of professionals who can provide you and your team with their expertise based on your debt circumstance. Our debt collection agency is able to provide clarity when asking yourself why is debt collection important in an organization and for an individual. 

By having Macquarie Collections on your side, you can rest assured knowing we collaborate our years of knowledge to gain you the best outcome. We provide you with a dedicated account manager that handles all your debt collection matters, to ensure your individual requirements are met each and every time. Contact us today for a free debt appraisal and see how we can provide the best support to recover what you deserve.

Benefits Of Hiring A Debt Collector In Australia

Greater Chance Of Debt Recovery

With an experienced debt collection agency you can rest assured knowing that Macquarie Collections are implementing decades of knowledge to gain the best outcome for our clients. Once you have made attempts to recover the debt yourself, it might be time to consider hiring a debt collector.

Quicker Debt Collection

Since 1990 Macquarie Collections has been utilising the latest technology with highly trained staff who now collectively have 150 years of professional debt recovery experience to offer an exceptional debt collection service. When it comes to debt recovery, hiring a debt collector in Australia can save you time and money.

Legal Protection

We have a wide range of clients in a variety of industries and understand the strain unpaid invoices can have on your business. Our team of debt recovery agents work alongside our in-house debt litigation team to ensure you gain the results you deserve

Expert Advice

When hiring a debt collector in Australia, ensure you gain personalised advice that is right for you. At Macquarie Collections our clients are appointed a dedicated collection manager to handle their accounts and assist them through the debt collection process.

Flexible Services

From our years of experience we understand that no two debt collection matters are the same, which is why Macquarie Collections provides a tailored approach to every debt collection matter. Using a debt collector ensures that you are the expertise and resources for the best result possible.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Being leaders in the industry for over three decades, Macquarie Collections have crafted cost-effective solutions to ensure you gain the most out of your investment with us. Using a debt collector can provide you more money and time to focus on growing your business.

Decades Of Experience Providing The Best Debt Collection Strategies For Our Clients.


Provides a more personal service and produces the best results!

I have used Macquarie Collections for my entire professional career as a Credit Manager, even advising my current employer to move to them when I commenced my role some 26 years ago. This is not to say we have not looked at alternative agencies that have contacted us over the years. However, we have found that Macquarie Collections provides a more personal service and produces the best results. And importantly, it is also very cost effective. The team there are most obliging and courteous and keep us well informed on the progress of each account. We have found their knowledge and ongoing advice to be invaluable. We also find, the relationship they have with Malcolm Murray Solicitors who are included in the umbrella of services provided gives the best results possible. We are more than pleased to recommend Macquarie Collections to any business that has problems with slow paying accounts.
David Hill
Credit Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

A debt collector is your right hand man when you are struggling with slow payers or clients refusing to make payment. When hiring a debt collector in Australia to act on your behalf it produces a sense of urgency to the debtor so that your invoice is prioritised.

By involving a debt collection agency to act on your behalf ensures that the debtor has your invoice front of mind for payment. At Macquarie Collections we are able to assist in all areas of debt collection, from demand letters to legal action. Our professional team is able to provide you peace of mind throughout the entire debt collection process.

Whether you’re a Small Business, Commercial Enterprise or individual our team is able to assist recover your outstanding payments. Our team has the knowledge to implement the best strategies no matter the circumstance. When hiring a debt collector in Australia, ensure you are receiving the best recovery techniques by contacting our team for a FREE debt appraisal. No matter what your debt requirements are, our debt collection team are equipped to handle any size matter.

Macquarie Collections, offers a comprehensive debt recovery service throughout Australia and New Zealand. We provide our client with full transparency in regard to the fees included in hiring a debt collector in Australia. 

We have a range of products on offer to suit each individual’s debt collection requirements. Before joining Macquarie Collections, our team will complete a FREE debt appraisal to ensure you are gaining the most out of your investment. Contact our team today for your free, non-obligations debt appraisal.

Being leaders in the industry for over three decades we understand the impact slow payers can have on a business. Our team of professionals are able to provide a sense of urgency so that your outstanding payment is prioritised. By involving a debt collection agency to act on of your behalf ensures that the debtor has your invoice front of mind for payment.

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We Make Hiring A Debt Collector In Australia Easy!

Take the first steps today towards recovering your unpaid debts with Macquarie Collections guiding you the way. We make hiring a debt collector in Australia easy. Simply call, email or provide some basic details in the form to have a chat with our specialists.

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