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Our debt recovery lawyers will help you get what you’re owed

Sometimes debtors resist paying their debts and litigation is required to obtain a result.

When one of your debtors contests your payment request, we’re here to help you fight back. Don’t put up with unpaid debts — our affordable and effective debt collection lawyers can help you recover any size debt throughout Australia and New Zealand.


FREE Advice

We know that managing your debts can be a difficult task and that every business has unique needs. We’ll gladly give you free advice on improving your cash flow and help you minimise your chance of needing future litigation.

No Recovery, No Commission

Recover your debts risk-free with our professional debt collection team. If we are legally prevented from proceeding with recovery action due the debtor being bankrupt or an execution of a personal insolvency agreement, we ensure that no commission will be payable.

Experienced Team

With over 150 years worth of combined team experience and highly trained solicitors on your side, you’re in a strong position with Macquarie Collections. We’ll help you recover your debt online with minimal fuss and stress.

Our Clients

We help everyone from sole traders to large businesses to recover debt and improve their cash flow.

On the rare occasion that debtors contest our debt collection requests, we provide litigation services with the help of our legal team. We know that time is money and you need a smooth, simple debt collection process that gets money into your account fast. At Macquarie Collections, we offer a simple online service backed up by highly experienced staff for a streamlined debt recovery process.

Your dedicated account manager will keep you updated on all litigation progress and ensure as little disruption to your work as possible. Don’t let debt impact your business. You deserve to be paid what you’re owed and our solicitors will work hard to achieve a positive result.

How our debt collection lawyers can help

When debtors dispute your rightful claim to payment, it can be extremely frustrating and stressful. Our experienced debt recovery solicitors will pursue your claim and work hard to achieve the best result for you.


Our debt recovery solicitors will help you take legal action against your debtors and pursue contested debts in court if required.

Reviewing credit

We will review your credit and provide personalised advice.

Defending preference claims from liquidators

Subject to legislation, liquidators can claim back monies you receive from your clients. These are called preference claims. Our lawyers can advise you on and, if possible, defend preference claims made against you by liquidators to stop or limit any repayments you maybe obliged to make to the liquidator.

Trustees documentation

Our debt recovery solicitors can review and prepare trustee documentation on your behalf.

Don’t let unpaid debts impact your business

Unpaid debts can have a devastating knock-on effect on your cash flow. As a time-poor business owner, it can be easy to dismiss debt collection as too time-consuming, too costly or too difficult.

At Macquarie Collections, we’re here to tell you that recovering your debts isn’t just possible, but effective, with the help of our experienced debt collection lawyers. If your debtors are continually ignoring you or fighting your demands for payment, litigation may be the only solution.

With the help of our dedicated solicitors, we can take your debt collection case to court and achieve a positive result. You can rest assured that there is experienced and effective assistance when you choose Macquarie Collections.

We’re highly experienced at fighting defended claims and will do what’s required to ensure you get a great result at a fair price. We’ve been helping Australian businesses and individuals collect their unpaid debt for over 30 years and our experienced team has more than 150 years of combined experience between them. Whether you’re based in Australia or New Zealand, we can pursue your debtors and recover what you’re owed.

Choose Macquarie Collections as your debt recovery lawyer

With simple online applications and the help of a dedicated account manager, recovering your unpaid debts is closer than you think.

At Macquarie Collections, we take the stress out of debt recovery with straightforward applications, no hidden fees and affordable commissions with the help of our debt recovery lawyers. Leave everything up to our experienced debt recovery lawyers and focus on running your business.

Our clients have trusted us to recover their unpaid debts for more than 30 years with many businesses turning to us time and time again over the last three decades. We’re proud of our reputation for exceptional service at an affordable price and we’re here to help you get what you deserve.

Apply online today to get started and find out just how easy it can be to recover your unpaid debts.

Common LITIGATION Questions

The idea of starting debt collection litigation can be intimidating and we understand you may have a lot of questions about what’s involved.

Please feel free to reach out to our team with any questions about the debt recovery process.

In most Australian states and territories, debts can be recovered up to six years after it first arises. Debt can be recovered any time from its due date onwards till the 6 year time period expires. If you’re unsure whether your debt is still able to be pursued, please contact our debt recovery team.

In most cases, no. We will begin legal proceedings if your debtor does not respond to our letter of demand. The first stage of these legal proceedings is to file an originating process in the local/magistrates, district/county or supreme courts which can take the form of a way of summons, complaint or statement of claim.

This claim will then be filed by the court and served to your debtor. Your debtor will then have up to 28 days from the date they are served with originating process to pay, make a payment arrangement, request further and better particulars or file a cross-claim or defence. If they don’t respond within the 28 day period, the court may enter a judgment in your favour without further notice to the debtor. Our debt collecting lawyers are very experienced in advising and assisting you with defended claims.

Litigation is fortunately not required in the majority of debt recovery cases. Litigation only becomes necessary when a debtor refuses to respond to contact made by a debt collector. If your debtor refuses to respond to our letters or other forms of communication, we may take legal action against them to secure your payment.

Occasionally debtors will defend these claims in court. Our debt recovery solicitors are highly experienced in fighting defended claims and will do everything they can to secure a positive outcome for your case.

With more than 150 years of combined team experience, we’ve seen virtually everything there is to see in the debt collection business. Regardless of the size of debt you need recovered or the industry you work in we can help you achieve a positive result.

  • No recovery, no commission. If we don’t recover your debt, you don’t pay commission.
  • Any size debt. Big or small, we can collect any size debt anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Full-service agency. As well as debt recovery litigation, we offer a full range of cash flow management services to help you safeguard your finances.
  • Free advice. Get tailored, practical advice on how to improve your cash flow and debt recovery processes.
  • Fair prices. We provide exceptional services and a fantastic customer experience at a fair price — no hidden fees.
  • Trusted for 30 years. We’ve worked hard over the past 30 years to build a strong reputation with our diverse client base. 

Don’t let unpaid debts impact your business. Contact our experienced and knowledgeable team for expert debt recovery lawyers. You can become a Macquarie Collections member online for free in a matter of minutes and start your debt recovery journey.

We work with clients across a diverse range of sectors from sole traders, tradies and contractors to SMEs and large corporations. It doesn’t matter which industry you work in, the structure of your business or the size of debt you need recovered. If you need debt recovery lawyers who’ll deliver great results at a fair price, we’re a good fit for you. 

Whether you work in construction, healthcare, hospitality or any industry, we can get the result you need and help you improve your financial situation.

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