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Our personal debt collectors understand the financial and emotional strain that you can be under when family and friends refuse to repay a loan. 

Our experienced team have handled a diverse range of matters throughout our 30+ years in the industry, therefore we have the capabilities and knowledge to handle any size matter. Contact our team for fast, stress-free personal debt collection.

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Why Work with Our Personal Debt Collectors?

Trusted To Collect Personal Debt Since 1990

With over 30+ years of experience in the debt collection industry, you can rest assured that Macquarie Collections have the expertise to provide the best personal debt recovery advice.

Individualised Solutions for Every Client

Each client is allocated a dedicated account manager to handle your accounts and assist you through the debt collection process. Our personal debt collectors ensure that your matters are managed promptly and specific to your needs.

Collecting Personal Debts of All Sizes

Our team of personal debt collectors can collect debts of any volume, scope or size. Any debt, any size, we’re here to help.

Legal Support with Personal Debt Disputes

Our in-house law firm is highly trained and on hand to assist, should you need to proceed with legal action against your debtor.

Experienced Personal Debt Collectors and Legal Team at Your Service

At Macquarie Collections, we’ve been helping Australians recover their debts since 1990. Our experienced personal debt collectors specialise in fast, stress-free debt collection. By offering a complete package service, we assist with matters from simple personal matters to complex litigation cases.  Each of our clients is paired with a dedicated Account Manager who will oversee all aspects of the personal debt recovery process and work hard to deliver the desired result.The reality is debt collection isn’t always a straightforward process, and when debtors choose to defend the case against them, you need an experienced team on your side. We can commence legal action on your behalf and fight disputed claims. Plus, everything can be handled easily online with minimal involvement on your part.

Our Personal Debt Recovery Process

1. Demand of Payment

A Demand for Payments provides the debtor a final warning to pay the outstanding invoice before proceedings commence. Your best chance of recovery is by producing a sense of urgency to the debtor so that your invoice is prioritised. By involving our personal debt collectors to act on your behalf ensures that the debtor has your invoice front of mind for payment.

2. Negotiation with Debtor

We’ll make arrangements for your debt to be paid as soon as our personal debt collectors have established contact with the debtor. The payment may be made in lump sums or, where appropriate, is often set up as a repayment plan. Our team has the right amount of firmness and compassion to know how to collect a personal debt.

3. Debt Litigation

It might be suggested to proceed with legal action, if your debtor does not respond to our efforts to contact them. Although our experienced personal debt recovery solicitors are on hand to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome. To ensure that the debt recovery process goes smoothly and efficiently, our inhouse legal team works alongside your dedicated account manager.

Testimonials for Our Debt Collection Service


Provides a more personal service and produces the best results!

I have used Macquarie Collections for my entire professional career as a Credit Manager, even advising my current employer to move to them when I commenced my role some 26 years ago. This is not to say we have not looked at alternative agencies that have contacted us over the years. However, we have found that Macquarie Collections provides a more personal service and produces the best results. And importantly, it is also very cost effective. The team there are most obliging and courteous and keep us well informed on the progress of each account. We have found their knowledge and ongoing advice to be invaluable. We also find, the relationship they have with Malcolm Murray Solicitors who are included in the umbrella of services provided gives the best results possible. We are more than pleased to recommend Macquarie Collections to any business that has problems with slow paying accounts.
David Hill
Credit Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal debt is considered to be debt owed to an individual for non-business purposes. Some of the most common personal debts obtained include personal loans to friends and family members or payments for personal labour not completed. By involving our personal debt collectors we are able to approach the situation with compassion and authority to ensure you gain the best outcome.

Ask our personal debt recovery agency how we can help!

Hiring a collection agency for personal debt is best commenced at the stage the debtor is refusing to make payments or once the agreed repayment date has lapsed.

A friendly reminder can be provided to the debtor either by phone, text or even email to correct their error. Once that reminder has been provided it is then time to contact our experienced personal debt collectors. The sooner the debt is being handled by a professional debt collection agency the higher chance of payment.

Contact us below to receive advice on your next steps to receive payment.

There is no limit to the number of personal debts that can be recovered at one time through Macquarie Collections personal debt collectors. 

Submitting new debts for recovery is effortless through our 24/7 online client portal or simply contact your dedicated account manager. 

Our clients range from individuals, small businesses and corporates and they all differ in the number of debts lodged in our system. Contact us to see how we can help with your personal debt recovery Australia or New Zealand.

Our personal debt collectors can typically have straightforward cases recovered within three weeks. Alternatively, contested matters that require further legal action are determined by the complexity of the case but can last up to several months.

At Macquarie Collections, we combine our years of knowledge to make the debt collection process easy and as stress-free as possible. We will keep you up to date at every stage of your debt collection case and provide accurate estimates as far as we are able.

Macquarie Collections offers our clients a commission-based service, meaning that the cost to proceed with personal debt collection is varied based on your debt amount. 

Contact our specialists to discuss further which would be our most suitable product for you to gain the best outcome.

Your involvement in the personal debt recovery process will be to provide approval for instructions. At various stages your dedicated account manager will contact you with correspondence and their recommendation, you will then have to confirm how you wish for our personal debt collectors to proceed.

You will also have 24-hour online access to your files and information.

Choose Macquarie Collections as your personal debt collectors. We are a full-service personal debt collection agency composed of experienced professionals and solicitors. This means we’re able to handle everything from simple debt collection to complex litigation in-house. Our straight-forward client portal allows our clients 24/7 access throughout Australia and New Zealand. With over 150 years worth of combined experience and hundreds of millions of debts collected, whatever your personal debt collection needs, we can help.

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