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As a small business owner, your cash flow can be delicately balanced and when debtors don’t pay what they owe, your financial situation can quickly suffer. With so many demands on your time, there can understandably be little headspace left for focussing on debt collection. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

At Macquarie Collections, we specialise in small business debt collection and can recover any size debt from anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. With more than three decades of experience collecting debts for a wide range of small businesses, we have the knowledge, expertise and training to recover your debts, fast. 

As a full-service, small business debt collection agency, we can handle everything from debt recovery to litigation with in-house solicitors on hand to take legal action if required.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve built up a strong reputation for exceptional service at a fair price and countless small business owners have trusted us to recover their debts.

Getting started with Macquarie Collections takes only a few minutes and can help you get your small business back on track. Get in touch today and one of our highly-trained debt collection specialists will help you recover what you’re owed.

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See Why We Are the Chosen Debt Collection Agency for Small Business


We’ve helped small businesses across a diverse range of industries to recover their debts and improve their cash flow.

From tradies and builders to contractors and suppliers, our clients choose us for our proven track record and fast, effective service, with many people coming back to us time and time again.

When you choose Macquarie Collections as your small business debt recovery agency, you’ll receive a dedicated Account Manager who’ll take care of every phase of the process for you. They’ll ensure a smooth, efficient debt collection process and keep you informed of your case’s progress.

Every small business owner deserves to have their hard work paid for and we’re dedicated to helping people like you recover the money they deserve. Don’t put up with unpaid invoices any longer — with Macquarie Collections on your side, you can spend less time worrying about your cash flow and more time focusing on your business.

Don’t Let Unpaid Debts Derail Your Business

Outstanding invoices can severely impact your cash flow and create unnecessary strain on your business.

As a small business owner, you may not have the time or resources to chase down unpaid accounts and sometimes writing off the debt can feel like the simplest solution. At Macquarie Collections, we’ve made it easy for every business, no matter how big or small, to receive fair payment for their work. Everything can be done online with minimal input on your part — our highly-trained debt recovery specialists can take care of everything for you and ensure you get the result you deserve.

After over 30 years in the debt collection business, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before and with over 150 years of combined team experience, we’re capable of chasing down your debtors anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Many of our small business clients have relied on us to collect their debts for years and even decades and we’re incredibly proud of the reputation we’ve built for excellent, reliable service.

What’s It Like Working With a Small Business Debt Collection Agency?

As a specialist collection agency for small businesses, we know that business owners are often time poor with countless responsibilities on their plate. That’s why we offer an easy, stress-free debt recovery process backed up by trained debt recovery specialists. We’ll take care of everything for you and ensure you not only get more money injected into your business, but more time and headspace to spend on the things that matter.

Your dedicated Account Manager will assist you at each stage of the debt collection process.

1. Firstly, we’ll issue a demand of payment to your debtor or debtors

2. If we’re able to make contact, we’ll arrange for the debt to be paid on your behalf. If we’re unable to make contact, we will take legal action.

3. If required, our in-house solicitors will start litigation — we can fight defended claims, enforce judgements and more to make sure you get a fair result.

We’ll ensure you receive payment of your debts. To start the debt collection process, simply contact us today. Everything can be done online and you could have your money in your account in a matter of weeks.

Why Should I Choose Macquarie Collections as the Collection Agency For My Small Business?

At Macquarie Collections, we know how important time and money are to your small business, and we’ll help you make the most of both.

We’ll take the responsibility of debt collection off your hands and ensure you get much-needed funds injected back into your account, fast. With easy online applications and dedicated assistance from a small business debt recovery specialist, you can leave everything up to us and get back to running your business.

As a full-service collection agency for small businesses, we offer so much more than simple debt collection. We can help with everything from ledger management to outsourced accounts receivable services, cash flow management and litigation. We can help improve your cash flow and make running your small business easier with effective and affordable collection and management services.

Our Small Business Debt Recovery Testimonials


Macquarie took the reigns and client payment was successful.

“Many thanks to Macquarie Collections for their superb work. Persistent issues retrieving money that was owed to my business was really getting me down. Macquarie took the reigns and client payment was successful. I'm very grateful, thank you!”
Small Business Owner

Common Questions

As a specialist debt collection agency for small businesses, we know you need a collection service that is fairly priced, effective and that doesn’t take up too much of your valuable time.

If you have any questions about our services or feel unsure about which debt collection service is right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team.

Straightforward debt recovery typically takes about three weeks. However, if your debtor chooses to defend the claim and legal action is required it could take several months to recover your debt. Fortunately, this rarely happens for our small business clients.

We know time is money for small business owners, so we’ll do all we can to ensure a smooth and fast debt recovery process. Your dedicated personal Account Manager will keep you updated on all developments and provide you with an accurate time estimate so you’re always aware of what’s happening with your debt.

Recovering your debts is always going to be more cost-effective than letting them slide. At Macquarie Collections, we charge fair and affordable rates for all our small business debt recoveries. Plus, we know your cash flow may be impacted by unpaid debts so we never charge upfront fees for small business debt collection — we simply charge a 9% commission on the recovered debt which will be payable once you’ve received your funds. No recovery, no commission.

We help small businesses recover their unpaid debts using the following proven process:

Step 1 – We make a demand of payment to your debtor or debtors. One of our specialists will make a demand for the debtor to pay the outstanding debt. Demands can be in the form of a letter with the Macquarie Collections letterhead or alternatively, we can call your debtor by phone.

Step 2 – We negotiate prompt payment of the debt. Provided we’re able to make contact with the debtor, we’ll arrange for your debts to be paid, often using an installment system if they are unable to pay the entire debt upfront.

Step 3 – If required, we will take legal action to recover your debt. This can be necessary if we can’t make contact with your debtor or if the debtor chooses to defend the claim. Our in-house solicitors specialise in defended legal actions and will ensure you get a fair result. Fortunately, the majority of cases do not require legal action.

With over three decades of experience collecting debts for small businesses throughout Australia, we’re confident we can help you get what you’re owed. We know that the prospect of recovering your unpaid debts can feel daunting, so we’re here to handle everything for you and leave you with more time to spend running your small business.

  • No recovery, no commission. There’s no risk when you choose Macquarie Collections as your small business debt collection agency. We offer a strict no recovery, no commission policy which means you don’t pay any commission if for any reason we’re unable to collect your unpaid debts. Plus, we won’t charge any fees until you’ve received payment of your sent to help improve your cash flow.
  • All-Australian staff. Our team of Australian debt recovery specialists are on hand to answer your questions and provide a dedicated, friendly and personalised service.
  • Any size debt. We can recover any size debt from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Full-service agency. As a full-service debt collection agency, we can help with more than debt recovery. We can provide any required accounts receivable management, cash flow management and litigation services to help improve your financial situation.
  • Free advice. Our specialists will provide you with tailored expert advice to help you make the most of your finances and improve your cash flow.
  • Fair prices. We offer exceptional services at an affordable price.
  • 30 years of experience. We’re proud to say we’ve built a strong reputation over the last 30 years for quality service and great results, and with over 150 years of combined team experience, we’re ready to help you get the result you need.

If you’re tired of chasing up unpaid invoices and sick of debts impacting your cash flow, talk to us. You can get started online in just a few minutes and most recoveries take about three weeks. Get in touch today to learn more.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, we’re here to help. With more than 30 years of experience helping small businesses collect their debts, we’ve helped business owners from a diverse range of industries to recover what they’re owed. From tradies and contractors to sole traders and suppliers, we’ve helped countless small businesses recover thousands in unpaid debts.

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. From payroll to marketing and accounts management you have countless drains on your time and it’s easy to push debt collection to the bottom of your to-do pile. That’s where we come in. At Macquarie Collections, we’ll shoulder the burden of debt collection and help your business recover its cash flow.

Whether you work in construction, healthcare, hospitality or any industry, we can get the result you need and help you get your small business back on track.

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