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Commercial credit services debt collection agency servicing Australian businesses since 1990

Are unpaid debts impacting your business? Don’t put up with interrupted cash flow any longer.  With our streamlined business debt recovery services, you can have much-needed funds injected back into your company in a matter of weeks. 

At Macquarie Collections, we’ve been recovering commercial debt for a diverse range of clients for over 30 years. No matter what industry you’re in or what size debt you need to be recovered, we can help. As a full-service business debt collection agency we can handle everything from straightforward recoveries to litigation on your behalf, leaving you with more cash in the bank and more time to spend running your business. 

With a combined team experience of over 150 years, our highly trained and fully licensed staff can recover debts throughout Australia and New Zealand. Getting started is quick and easy, simply get in touch online and one of our dedicated debt collectors will help you begin the commercial debt recovery process. 

Why Work With us

FREE Advice

Our licensed commercial debt collection professionals will gladly share valuable, customised advice with you free of charge. We’ll help you manage your debts and improve your cash flow as part of our commercial debt recovery service.

No Recovery, No Commission

We’ve collected millions of dollars in commercial debt for many clients over the last three decades. We’re so sure we’ll be able to recover your debt that if we aren’t able to, we guarantee you won’t pay any commission.

Experienced Team

Our fully-licensed commercial debt collection professionals have a combined team experience of more than 150 years. We can handle any commercial debt recovery task regardless of your size or sector - any debt, anywhere in the world.

Our Clients

From builders and concrete suppliers to medical and pharmaceutical companies, we’ve recovered commercial debts for a wide variety of clients. Whether you’re a sole trader or a multi-national corporation we’ll make the commercial debt recovery process easy and hassle-free. 


As a Macquarie Collections client, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will oversee every aspect of your commercial debt collection and keep you up to date on all progress and results. 


Whatever industry you’re in, whatever the size of your business, you deserve to have your debts paid on time and in full. We’ll help you get what you’re owed.

Our Commercial Debt Recovery Process

We want the commercial debt recovery process to be as smooth and pain-free as possible. Our dedicated Account Managers will take care of everything on your behalf and leave you free to get on with running your business. 

1. We’ll start by issuing a demand of payment to your debtor

2. If contact is made we will negotiate payment of the debt on your behalf. If no contact is made we will begin legal action.

3. Our in-house solicitors can begin litigation if required from starting a claim to enforcing a judgement. We can also fight defended claims to ensure you get a result

4. We will commence enforcement action.

To begin the commercial debt recovery process all you need to do is get in touch with us today. We can begin the process online and recover your debts for you in a matter of weeks.

Exceptional business debt recovery services from experienced specialists

Unpaid accounts can have debilitating knock-on effects on your cash flow. When businesses refuse to pay their debts it’s easy to feel frustrated and powerless. With Macquarie Collections on your side, you can stop stressing about unpaid debts and leave everything to our professional team. 

We’ve spent over 30 years collecting millions in unpaid debts for our clients and with a combined team experience of over 150 years there’s no commercial debt collection case we can’t handle. 

Many of our clients have trusted us to recover their commercial debts for years and even decades. We’re proud of our hard-earned reputation for excellent service and fair prices and our highly trained team will be happy to help you recover your commercial debts.

Choosing a business debt collection agency is an important decision. You need a commercial credit services debt collection agency that goes above and beyond and provides effective commercial debt collection services at a fair price. At Macquarie Collections we won’t just ensure your commercial credits are paid, we’ll also provide personalised advice free of charge to help you improve your cash flow. 

From collecting bad debts to professional ledger management, in-house litigation services and credit documentation reviews, our experienced team can provide all the commercial debt collection services you require. As a full-service commercial credit services debt collection agency we can handle every aspect of debt collection for you so you can rest assured that your hard-earned money will be recovered in a timely matter at a fair cost.

Common Questions

Recovering your commercial debt is crucial to improving your cash flow and boosting the financial health of your business. At Macquarie Collections we want you to feel 100% confident when you choose us as your business debt collection agency. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our business debt recovery services or the commercial debt recovery process please feel free to get in touch today.

The commercial debt recovery process usually takes about three weeks for straightforward business debt collection cases. However, if the claim is defended by the debtor and requires legal action, commercial debt recovery can take up to several months. 


At Macquarie Collections, we know that time is crucial and you need your debts to be recovered as soon as possible. We go out of our way to make the commercial debt collection process as easy and stress-free as possible to ensure your money is in your account, fast. Your dedicated Account Manager will provide you with accurate time estimates at each step of the process and keep you up to date throughout.

We know that debt recovery can be stressful and that interrupted cash flow can seriously impact your business. That’s why we don’t charge you upfront for our debt collection services. You’ll be charged a commission on the debt recovered, payable once it has been collected. We have a guarantee to recover, no commission policy so won’t be charged if for any reason we are unable to recover your commercial debt. Our commercial debt recovery services are designed to be highly affordable and to help you realign your finances.

At Macquarie Collections, we employ a straightforward, effective and proven commercial debt recovery process. 


  • Step 1 – Demand for payment. Firstly, we begin with a demand for payment of the outstanding debt. This can take the form of a letter with our letterhead or a phone call to your debtor.

  • Step 2 – Negotiate payment. If contact is made with your debtor the next stage is to negotiate payment. We often arrange instalment payments if the debtor cannot pay the debt upfront.

  • Step 3 – Legal action when required. If no contact is made with your debtor and your debt collection specialist is unable to recover the debt we will commence legal action. At Macquarie Collections, we specialise in presenting court cases for defended legal actions and offer an efficient and affordable in-house legal service. The great majority of claims will not be defended and won’t require much involvement from our solicitors.

We will do all the heavy lifting for you throughout the commercial debt recovery process. We will ask for your input at various stages to ensure you get the best possible outcome. You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will guide you through the process and provide clear instructions and assistance. Along with your Account Manager, you’ll have access to all your files and information via our online client portal.

Retrieving your unpaid debts can feel like an overwhelming and expensive process, but at Macquarie Collections, we make sure that commercial debt recovery is smooth, stress-free and affordable for every one of our clients. 


We offer a guaranteed no recovery, no commission policy, meaning if we can’t retrieve your debts for you, you won’t have to pay commission. As a full-service commercial debt recovery agency, we can handle everything from simply debt collections to contested claims and litigation in-house. 


With a combined team experience of well over 150 years, there’s no commercial debt case we can’t handle. Wherever your debtor is in Australia or New Zealand we will make sure they pay what is due. 


If you’re fed up with unpaid invoices impacting your cash flow, we’ll help you get the justice you deserve. With friendly agents on hand to answer all your questions and transparent pricing and fees you’ll always know where you stand when you choose Macquarie Collections. Get in touch today for an obligation-free consultation.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve worked with a diverse range of industries and have been able to recover millions in unpaid debts for thousands of clients. Whether you’re a sole trader, contractor, running a construction company or owner of a large international company, we can recover your business debts. 


As a business owner, you have countless irons in the fire and are constantly being pulled in different directions. It’s easy to feel as though recovering unpaid debts isn’t worth the time and effort — that’s where we can help. We’ll take the burden of debt recovery off your shoulders and ensure you get what you’re owed. We also offer specialist cash flow management and accounts receivable management to ensure things run smoothly and to free up more time for you to spend running your business.


From concrete suppliers to medical companies we’ve had clients trust us to recover their commercial debts for decades and we can offer the same dedicated, efficient and affordable service to you regardless of the size, sector or scope of your business.

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Start your commercial debt collection journey today in a few simple steps. All you need to do is provide a few details and one of our expert commercial debt collection agents will be in contact shortly. 


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