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Terms and Conditions

(Please note that these terms and conditions can only be changed by agreement in writing)

You appoint Macquarie Collections (NSW) Pty Ltd (MC) or its successor as your agent for debt recovery.

Once  instructed to proceed with collection action,  no arrangements or negotiations should be made with the debtor without MC first being notified. Dealing directly with the debtor, after an account has been placed for collection, may affect your legal rights of recovery.

MC, once  instructed to proceed with collection action, is authorised to take any action necessary to attempt collection of outstanding accounts submitted and is entitled to commission if the matter is withdrawn, held for more than one month, payment is made, a contra is made or if a credit is passed.

All incidental expenses such as solicitors fees, court fees, defended solicitors costs, service fees and other charges are payable to MC when charged but refunded if and when recovered from the debtor by MC. These charges are not fixed and changes occur. Current charges are available on request.

In the event that MC is carrying solicitors costs on behalf of the client, MC is entitled to charge those costs if the matter is held, instructions are not provided within 7 days of our request, the matter is withdrawn, a payment is made, the matter is defended or MC is prevented from collecting the costs from the debtor by the client. The client will still be responsible for the court fees associated with the collection of solicitors costs should the debt be paid.

MC will remit monthly the balance of trust monies after deducting all charges. Any debit statement rendered by MC is payable STRICTLY 7 DAYS. Interest of 1.5% per month will be charged on all accounts outstanding 30 days or more from invoice/statement. Action will be held on any account where MC’s account remains unpaid beyond 30 days of the invoice/statement date.

The client authorises MC to select from its panel of solicitors to provide the legal services for the client should they be required. MC may request prepayment for services requiring solicitors action. The client authorises MC to instruct the solicitor as required and sign documents on behalf of the client.

All legal actions will be initiated from NSW courts unless further instructions are given by the client. The client authorises MC or it’s employees to sign court documents relating to the matter as an authorised person on behalf of the plaintiff.

MC shall be entitled to retain custody of any papers, documents and files until any account rendered is paid in full. You whereby grant  Macquarie Collections a lien over all papers, documents and other information until such time as full payment of the account is made.

The client is responsible for keeping MC informed of any changes to its registered details. All changes should be advised in writing by email