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Cash Flow Management

Stop stressing about unpaid accounts with professional cash flow services

Unpaid debts can have a huge impact on cash flow. When your business needs a cash flow boost, turn to us for expert debt recovery and cash flow services – we’ll chase up your overdue accounts on your behalf and demand payment.

With no commissions, no hidden fees and fair, upfront pricing, we’ll help you get on top of your finances and maximise cash flow with our exceptional cash flow debt management services.

Why Work With us

FREE Advice

Cash flow management is a never-ending task and unpaid accounts can cause serious interruptions to your business. When you need a little extra help chasing up unpaid accounts, Macquarie Collections is here to handle it for you. We’ll provide you with free cash flow management advice tailored to your business.

Fair Prices & No Commission

We’re dedicated to delivering a fantastic cash flow management service at a fair price. This means no commissions, no hidden fees, just a single upfront fee for a professional and efficient cash flow debt management service. Getting your cash flow back on track is more affordable than you think.

Experienced Team

With over 30 years in the debt recovery and cash flow management business, we’ve seen it all before. We know exactly how to help your business improve its cash flow management and achieve financial stability. With a combined team experience of over 150 years, we provide exceptional services at an affordable price.

How does cash flow debt management work?

When your business is suffering from a cash flow slump, our debt collection specialists can take action to ensure your unpaid accounts are brought into line. We’ll contact your overdue accounts for you, either as you or as Macquarie Collections, and make a demand of payment.

We can make contact by phone call, text, email, post or in person depending on your preference. We don’t charge any commission on the money recovered, simply charging a small fee for each cash flow matter we handle for you.

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